Friday, July 12

3 Driving Tips You Need To Know To Become A Better Driver

We’ve compiled a list of fundamental rules to remember in order to become a better driver. This list is meant for people who are just learning to drive. However, it is also a reminder to all experienced drivers to drive safely. Those vehicles that have to be on the highway have to drive safely and smartly by getting a Fastag from the IDFC Fastag app or else be ready to scramble for cash at the toll plaza.

Know your ride well and which documents you need to keep by your side and save them in the mparivahan app. Before you drive your car, you should be familiar with its basic layout. Next, familiarise yourself with the three main pedals: the accelerator, brake, and clutch. Next, ensure you understand critical controls such as wipers, headlights, washers, handbrake, seat adjustment controls, AC control, etc. Finally, you’re ready to go once you’ve mastered all the essential rules.

Once you are familiar with a vehicle’s key controls, the next step is finding a comfortable driving position. Most novice drivers are oblivious that every car has an adjustable seat position mechanism. The mechanism allows you to change the angle and reach of the seat. You must position the seat so you can comfortably access all of the car’s controls, including the pedals, steering wheel, and gear lever. In addition, you must ensure that the seat is angled, so your back and thighs are not overstretched.

Not only adjust the seat, but also the mirrors, the wheel, etc., should be in the correct and comfortable position before you take your ride on the road. So make sure to adjust well in advance before you start driving and also keep your documents in check as well as have them saved on the m parivahan app. The app will keep your records safe, and it is also free of cost.

Whether it is your first day driving or you have been driving for years, you must always wear your seat belt. Furthermore, wearing a seat belt is a legal requirement as well. Still, it is also a productive method for lowering the likelihood of severe injuries in the unfortunate event of an accident or collision.

You should never drive without proper documentation, whether you are an experienced or novice driver. According to Indian Motor Vehicle law, you must have four essential documents when driving a four-wheeler in India. They are Driver’s licence, vehicle registration certificate, vehicle insurance policy and pollution under control document. In addition, for a backup, you must save your RC and DL on the mparivahan app to show it to traffic personnel when checking or for future use.

Therefore, bear all these things in mind to become a better driver and use the IDFC Fastag app to pay without queuing at the toll booth as soon as possible.