Tuesday, April 16

4 Perks Of Opting For A Long Term Car Leasing In Singapore

In a populated city, such as Singapore’s downtown, public transportation may not be the best choice for convenience and sometimes efficiency to go from one place to another. Dealing with commuters and a long-waiting period may be too much for a few folks attending important business meetings. Hence, most lease or rent a car in Singapore as a viable and practical solution to this type of transportation concern.

Buying and owning a vehicle in Singapore can be an enormous investment for some people. Hence, opting for car rental and car lease seems a better choice. However, it can be complicated to decide whether a short or long-term car lease would work.

To learn more about long term car leasing and how you can decide, here are its benefits:


Opting for long term car leasing in Singapore can be beneficial. It allows you to drive a car that you like without any downsides and disadvantages of owning a vehicle. It cuts the time you need to spend on maintenance and servicing as most car rental, and leasing agencies will already provide the answers. Thus taking away the arduous responsibilities of fixing a troubled car and in the case of breakdowns, you can ensure free replacement.


There’s another good reason why many prefer long term car leasing, and it’s not just for business use. Many opted for it because of the lower monthly payments they need to drive the car than purchasing a new one. Whether it’s for travel, leisure or business usage, one doesn’t need to pay thousands of bucks or find a finance solution to have a car they need for everyday use!


Long-term car leases can last anywhere between two or five years. Since new cars are always available in the market with the latest features and technologies for convenient driving and safety. Those who opt for long term car leasing can experience this advantage without the hassle of purchasing and spending thousands to maintain the vehicle before reselling it! You can get a new car right off the bat once after the current contract for leasing.


Long-term car leasing remains a cost-effective option when leasing a vehicle of your choice. Many of today’s car rental and leasing agencies offer affordable leasing packages with competitive rates in the market.

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