Wednesday, June 19

A Summary Of Car Umbrellas And Car Covers

Protecting your car from dust, rain, snow, scratches or other damages is essential. While you have parked your car, you have to consider the risks like sudden rainfall, hailstorm, scratches caused by cats or tree branches, settling of dust specks, etc. Especially if you park it in an open space or go out for a long drive, it is vital to preserve it from the risks. And the ways to prevent such hazards are to use a car cover (ร่มคลุมรถราคา, which is the term in Thai) or an umbrella for a car. 

Car covers are more commonly used than car umbrellas. Car covers are easily portable and washable. It gives satisfactory protection against dust, rain, and can reduce the risk of theft as well. Some car covers also provide UV protection to sustain the color and glaze of the car body.  

An umbrella for a car (ร่มกางให้รถ, term in Thai) is an advanced option that can be operated both manually and automatically. It helps to prevent larger risks like a massive hailstorm and also reflects sunlight to keep the car cool. It has a suction cup that goes on the roof and then the umbrella opens either with the use of hands or by a remote. The umbrella is installed by attaching it to the car door, or some other car parts. Car umbrellas are portable and you can keep them folded when not being used. 

Types Of Car Covers

You can choose among three types of car covers. These are mentioned below. 

  • Universal: An universal car cover is made to be fitted in every car. It is flexible and wide so that it can adjust with any size of cars. 
  • Ready-Fit: Ready-fit car covers are a bit specialized and have a definite shape. These are made to fit a type of car such as hatchback, pickup, etc. This is the most common car cover type used by car owners.
  • Custom-Fit: Custom-fit car covers are to be made specially that takes the shape of a specific model of car. This is dedicated to a particular car and fits perfectly to the shape of the car.

Types Of Car Umbrellas

The two types of car umbrellas are:

  • Automatic: This is operated by a remote and driven by a battery. 
  • Semi-Automatic: This needs to be installed manually and pretty similar to the other features of an automatic umbrella.

Both types can be used as a beach umbrella too while automatic ones can be used to make a camping tent as well. 

Which one do you like better, a car cover or a car umbrella?