Friday, July 12

Features of Hero Destini


Hero’s unique selling point for all its models is that they deliver a good average for a 125cc scooter. It also has a good feature set. The scooter is primarily aimed at family buyers, according to Hero. The majority of the following points are made with the intended buyers in mind. The Hero Destini has mass appeal, which Hero desires. Hero Destini features are one of the notable features for the buyers.

Hero Destini Engine

The Hero Destini is a family-oriented scooter. The engine has been tuned for efficiency rather than power. The majority of family buyers want comfort and mileage. During our road test, the scooter achieved an excellent mileage figure of 51 km. Because the scooter was not ridden aggressively, the mileage was maintained. On the highways, it increased by 1-2 km. In the city, the figure remained at 49 km. Impressive. Hero’s patented i3S technology was also used in this application. The idle start-stop system turns off the engine if the scooter is idle for more than 5 seconds. After you let go of the brake and rev it up, the engine resumes smoothly.


The air-cooled 125 cc single-cylinder engine in the Hero Destini 125 produces 8.7 bhp at 6,750 rpm and 10.2 Nm of peak torque at 5,000 rpm. The figures for a 125cc scooter are reasonable, and the performance is standard. The Destini can easily travel at speeds of up to 70 km and even exceed 90 kmph if necessary, but this requires a long stretch of road. Although there is a slight vibration once you pass 70 kmph, the refinement is excellent.

Features & Benefits

Hero Destini features include a digital-analog instrument cluster with a side stand indicator standard on the Destini 125. It also includes the exclusive Hero i3S system, the first of its kind in a scooter. It has a Combi-lock system, which allows you to open the boot and the fuel cap from the exact location. It also has an outer fuel filler cap, making filling much more accessible. Inside the boot are a luggage lamp and a USB charger.

Comfort is another feature that family buyers look for in a scooter. Not to worry, the Hero Destini 125 has a very comfortable ride. The seat is soft and comfortable even for the pillion. The seat can also accommodate two healthy adults. It has telescopic forks up front and coil spring hydraulics in the back for suspension. Hero has softened the suspension, resulting in very few jerks.

Final thoughts

The average scooter buyer today prefers the extra oomph in terms of power and appearance that the 125 cc models provide rather than the typically staid design of the 110 cc scooters, which are all about practicality. The Hero Destini 125 is an excellent example of a 125cc scooter with the functionality and comfort of a 110cc scooter. Hero maestro edge colours were also attractive, including red, white, black, and blue. Get a hero destini for a comfortable and peaceful trip.