Tuesday, May 21

How to Find Good Crane Parts in Singapore 

Crane is essential equipment for many tasks on a construction site. Due to its durability and high reach, you can utilise a crane in various ways to complete a construction project. However, routine maintenance and prompt repairs are necessary to keep your crane functioning properly. You will need to replace some crane parts from time to time to keep the whole thing functional.

There are a plethora of brands in the market that offer crane parts. With a multitude of choices available, you may find it hard to choose a good brand. Should you go for Kobelco crane parts or will Sumitomo crane parts work better? Should you opt for Tadano crane parts instead? Today, I’ll be sharing some insights about the top brands for crane parts to help you decide which one will work for your crane.

Let’s Start With The Criteria…

When I need to choose from various brands of an item I need to buy, I always make a list of criteria to help me decide. The same rules apply when choosing the best crane parts for the cranes I use in my business. Here’s the list of criteria I set for the crane parts I would buy:

1. Compatibility

Compatibility is the top priority when I need to buy crane parts. I often buy Sumitomo crane parts since I use a Sumitomo crane for business. Once, when a client lent their Tadano crane for the project but it needed an upgrade, I did not hesitate to choose Tadano crane parts for the needed upgrades. It is because compatibility matters very well in terms of the crane’s performance and lifespan.

2. Affordability

Rough times are ever present in the business world. Thus, there are times when I need to compromise with the budget for upgrades. It is ideal to opt for affordable crane parts during such times. However, I also double-check with other suppliers to see if the price is reasonable and not too compromised.

3. Availability

It must go without saying that availability matters when choosing crane parts. Even when you need Kobelco crane parts, if they happen to be out of stock, you need to opt for other brands.

4. Recommendations

In case I have to opt for another brand due to the unavailability of the brand of crane parts I need, I always ask for recommendations. It could be a recommendation from the supplier or my clients and business partners.

Now, for the Real Deal…

Setting up criteria for the crane parts you wish to buy is one thing, finding the right place to buy them is another. Your crane parts supplier will be your lifeline whenever your crane acts up. When choosing a lifeline, you would want someone you can rely on at any time.

I chose a crane parts supplier based on the years he spent in the market. I always believe that the longer a business survives in the industry, the more dependable they become. It is also good to base your judgement on the selection of products they offer. It is good to choose a supplier with a wide range of products to offer.

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