Wednesday, June 19

How to get a motorcycle license in Dubai?

Do you want to know how to acquire a motorbike licence in the United Arab Emirates? You’ve arrived at the correct location. For many people, riding a motorbike and experiencing the freedom and rebel spirit of the open road is a dream come true. While it is possible to ride a dirt bike or motocross in the desert without a licence, it is a good idea to get a motorcycle licence so you have all the knowledge you need to ride safely – especially if you, like us, get a rider’s rush and want to ride all the time. Let’s help you out in the ways to get the motorcycle license Dubai. All you need to do is to follow these tips:

School of Driving

It’s best to go early on Saturday, about 8 a.m., when it’s less crowded. Bring your Emirates ID, passport, visa, and a valid Dubai driver’s licence with you. A signed and stamped No Objection Letter may also be required by some residents. You’ll need to give in these documents and pay for them at the counter. The driving center in Dubai cost roughly Dhs4,690 and included all paperwork, lectures, a theoretical exam, practical instruction (two hours per day every Friday and Saturday), and the test itself. Before taking their practical test, most students will need to complete 15 hours of practical training. You’ll also need to go to the centre for an eye exam, which you may accomplish the same day.

Attend eight hours of classes.

Before riding a bike, everyone must first attend a lot of lectures at Driving School. You’ll be given a schedule of lecture times to choose from, and you’ll be able to pick the ones that work best for you. After each class, your teacher will sign and stamp your learner’s permit as proof of attendance. You’ll have one week to complete the theoretical test after you’ve finished the courses.

Take the theoretical exam.

There are 40 questions in the theory test. To pass, you must answer 30 or more questions correctly. The exam will take 45 minutes to complete. You can arrange your practical classes once you’ve passed.

Pass the RTA examinations

If you pass the internal examinations, the driving school will schedule two RTA tests for you. One on the road and one in the yard, once again. You’ll be able to ride a motorbike in Dubai if you pass. If you fail, you’ll have to reschedule your test. If you fail the RTA exam five times, you’ll have to take extra classes before you can retake it.

How long does it take to complete the entire procedure?

You can finish the entire procedure in just over two months if you take classes every weekend and pass all of your tests the first time.

When is the deadline for applying for a motorbike licence?

Bikers must follow all restrictions that apply to drivers in the nation, according to the RTA’s motorcycle manual. You must be at least 17 years old to apply for a Dubai motorcycle licence. Even if you have a valid Dubai driver’s licence, you must apply for a second motorcycle licence to ride in the city. You must register as a ‘beginning’ for a mandated minimum of 15 hours if you do not have a Dubai bike licence.


You can register for 8 hours if you have had your country’s motorbike licence for more than two years. You’ll need an affidavit from the consulate confirming your ownership of the document. Follow thse tips and you can easily get a license.