Friday, July 12

Shuttle Services: Using Charter Buses For Efficient Transportation

The charter service or charter buses for shuttle services, for example, not only contributes to improving travel. There are also a series of advantages for mobility and the environment. One bus replaces 40 cars, takes up less space on the streets, and pollutes less. Passenger vehicles are considered the main cause of air pollution in large cities. When charter management is efficient, it enhances all these advantages and offers more intelligent and economical routes and services.

Check Out Everything That Charter Management Can Offer:

Improving urban mobility and reducing congestion;

Agility in moving workers between work and home, in the case of continuous charter;

More safety and comfort for users, who can relax and rest while using the charter without worrying about traffic;

Increased efficiency in charter lines and reduction of users in public transport systems;

Reduction of pollutant emissions into the atmosphere;

Reduction in travel costs;

Improving the company’s image by offering the benefit to workers;

Reduction in time spent in traffic, as charter companies have routing systems available;

Gains in users’ quality of life and well-being, with time to carry out activities outside the company, such as studying, playing sports, or prioritizing leisure with the family.

How Chartering Adds To Urban Mobility And Employees’ Quality Of Life

People want a better quality of life, amenities, leisure time, comfort, and safety. Good charter management is an ally in this objective. For users, the advantages range from greater willingness for work activities to socializing with colleagues who share the bus, less time lost in traffic, less stress when driving, and more free time for other activities.

Companies that hire the service also benefit because their image is associated with concern for employees, social responsibility, and more engaged, committed, satisfied, and productive professionals, in addition to increasing professional retention and reducing absenteeism.

In the case of mobility in large centers, chartering helps to relieve collective public transport, reduces the number of cars in circulation and congestion, reduces CO2 emissions – as each bus removes dozens of vehicles from circulation -, provides more fluidity traffic, and reduces traffic accident rates.

Technology For Operational Balance

To have full control, charter management such as chicago infinity transportation, for example, must invest in technological solutions that facilitate the process and quality control of the service offered. Integrated management software, such as an ERP, offers the necessary agility and assertiveness.

ERP software for road passenger transport is a complete solution for charter management – ​​ continuous or occasional – with features.

We know that errors in scripting represent certain losses. Charter management, which has a complete routing system, saves resources, optimizes the fleet, reduces maintenance costs, reduces CO2 emissions, improves safety, maintains updated routes, has more control over the operation in real-time, and is Of course, there are more satisfied customers.