Wednesday, June 19

SW-Motech KTM 790 Adventure Engine Guard

Vehicular accidents are inevitable, even if motorcycle riders drive safely on national roads and highways. Accidents are dangerous to anyone as they can potentially injure or, at worst, kill people. Because of this, motorcyclists must invest in motorcycle protection accessories to reduce the risk of severe damage upon collision.

There are various motorcycle protection accessories that motorcyclists can buy. Some invested their money in SW Motech crash bars to prevent them from falling quickly during an accident or fall. Others integrated motorcycle skid plates to protect the fuel tank, differentials, and transfer box. The newest accessory they might consider for their bikes is the KTM 790 Adventure engine guard from SW-Motech. 

Engine guards primarily protect the bike’s lower engine part, so they are usually small. Purposely designed to be big, the KTM 790 secures the fuel tank, catalytic converter, and exhaust header pipe. The KTM 790 Adventure weighs close to eight kilograms, as it is made of a four-millimetre-thick aluminium sheet, heavy-duty sub-frame, and mounting hardware. 

If installed, KTM 790 might add additional weight to the bike but provides increased protection for the rider and the motorcycle. It significantly reduces the impact damage the bike’s lower part could absorb upon collision because it is not mounted directly to the engine. Instead, the KTM uses mounting brackets to transfer impact in different mounting points on the engine equally. It also distributes impact in four points in the front support rail.

Riders can install the KTM 790 Adventure themselves or let a trained mechanic do the job. Choosing the do-it-yourself (DIY) option can take more than an hour. To save time, the motorcyclist can first lay out all the mounting bracket parts and mounting hardware. The rider will not find installation challenging because SW-Motech provides detailed fitting instructions. When mounting the engine guard to the sub-frame, the individual might ask for help to hold the guard while lining the other parts.

Check this infographic by Motorrad Garage for more information.