Friday, July 12

Tips to modify a bike for short riders

You might hear about the modifications which are done by the riders to have an additional and specific look. But there are modifications which can be done for the short riders to make them feel comfortable and to ride easily. Here are such modifications which can be modified on a short rider’s bike.

Sag and preload adjustment

By just tweaking the stock suspension of your bike can make a huge difference in its fitting. Most shorter riders tend to be lighter and it has more chance for your bike’s stock settings to get preloaded. The factory suspensions are mostly set to be for a 180-pound rider. If you weigh less than that, then the suspension could lead you further from the pavement. If you are working with fully adjustable rear and front suspension then checking sag can get a bit involved. Mostly many standards or cruisers don’t have that facility. Top 5 scooty in India comes with such capabilities of adjustments.

Swap the seat

There are plenty of manufacturers who offer accessory plug and play which can reduce the height standover, right off the bat as much as an inch. You can have a second choice of aftermarket on which you can have a much more diverse selection. There you can check for the width, length and shape of the seat, because narrower seats allow your leg for a straighter shot to reach the ground. For better leverage, a narrow nose or a deep rear bolster could get you closer to bars. Just by dint of their design, deep-dish seats also achieve more proximity to terra firma. But you have to spread your legs out farther because sometimes it is wider. So ensure to try it before you buy. There are bikes for short riders available in the market, especially scooty for short ladies which would provide a more comfortable position while riding and landing.

Change your handlebar and riser

By this, you can’t drop your feet easily on the ground but this can make a huge difference in your comfort and control. Especially if you have short arms or shorthands then adjusting the handlebar would be the right choice. Bringing back the bar down you and loosening the clamps could be all that gains a bit more pullbacks. Before you buy, just look whether a quick rotation of your current unit could do the trick. You are in need to then you can reposition the clutch and brake levers for your convenience. Just back the screws out of the lever clamp and rotate the levers according to your comfort zone.

Mid-mounted footpegs

There are lots of bikes with front-mounted pegs to have a laid back riding position but this is critical for shorter riders to balance. Swapping the mid-mounted foot would control to keep your foot beneath and provide better balance. Short floorboards can be a good option in some possible cases.

The above-mentioned details are some useful tips for the short riders to modify their bike, make use of it to have a convenient ride.