Friday, July 12

A Guide on How to Pick the Right Car Rental Firm

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Picking the right car rental firm is very important since not all the firms that exist in the market are trustworthy. In this guide, we will walk you through some tips that’ll help you figure out whether or not the car rental firm you’re considering is genuine. Dive in for more! 

  1. Look at the Variety 

No ordinary rental can handle as many as 30 fleets. Only the elite ones like Carcade luxury car rental can. They offer different models of Mercedes, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Audi, and Jaguar for rent. Look at their website for the entire list. 

  1. Look at the Prices

Just because they have variety, they don’t extort money. On the contrary, elite rentals offer cars at the best rates possible. They also offer flexibility by giving out the cars for 4 hours or an entire day so that you can choose whichever option makes more sense. 

  1. Look for any Additional Services 

Reputable rentals have much more to offer than just cars on rent. 

  • They offer Damage Waiver service at a minimal rate (depending upon the model of the car and your credit score). It’s a completely optional service. If and when you buy it, you’ll not be responsible to pay for any damage that might come to the vehicle while you’re driving it. 
  • They offer long-term rentals too. It’s very easy to ask for a quote in such cases and the team is always quick to reply. 
  1. Look at the Ease of Booking the Rental Car

Irrespective of whether or not you have their membership, you can easily book a rental car on their website. Just check the availability and book the slot.  

You won’t have to juggle documents after documents to book the rental since it’s clearly mentioned what all they’re going to need from you. If you’re paying with a credit card, all that you’ll have to show is your class 5 driving license. If you’re paying cash, you’ll have to submit proof of insurance, 2 current utility bills, your most recent paycheck stub, a minimum security deposit, and some personal references. 

To put it simply, they do not ask for a random document at the time of booking. They clearly mention the documents they need to minimize discomfort to their customers. 

  1. They have a Transparent Policy 

Nothing about them comes as a surprise. They clearly mention that you get 200 kilometers/per reserved day, 1,000 kilometers/week, and 2,500 kilometers/month. Anything beyond this is chargeable. The rates/extra kilometers can be requested for before, at the time of, or after the booking. 

Hence, be very mindful of the firm you’re renting a car from since a shady firm will charge you substantially high due to their many hidden policies. Firms like Carcade are the best options.