Tuesday, April 16

Can A Repair Shop Keep My Vehicle?

Maintaining a four Wheeler is not a piece of cake. It becomes especially troublesome when you have to take it for servicing. There are a lot of problems that could arise in such situations. The very fact that you have to keep in mind the specifications of your car’s repairing date, release date, and such other information is quite troublesome above all the things you have to keep in mind daily. These details are quite important. Why? Let’s see why.

When can a repair shop keep my vehicle?

You might have heard about one of your friends complaining that the Body Shop where they had left their car to get repaired, kept their car permanently. This could quite naturally get you tensed. But you should know that the shops would never do this without a proper enough reason. The reasons are on more occasions quite justified as well.

Just for your information, if you are a responsible customer who clears his dues in time, then there is no reason for you to get anxious. However, if you ever fail to pay the repair bill within the stipulated time the collision repair shop could keep your car. There is a high chance of the shop having you pay in a certain amount of money for the storage space that your car would be occupying during the period. These laws good vary from shop to shop and state to state. But on more occasions, this is the usual practice.

Do the shops put on extra charges?

The amount of money that you would have to pay for the entire process of dent removal and repair would be discussed at the time when you go to the shop to get your vehicle repaired. Even if the matter is not settled at that point there is little chance of the shop charging you any extra amount. They could, however, charge you a bit extra if you were to be fined for any irresponsibility. But apart from that, the process is available at fairly affordable rates.

The next time you visit the repair shop all you have to keep in mind is too play your part properly. If you are correct in your part, there really would be little or rather no chance of you getting into trouble.