Tuesday, April 16

Knowing Your Performance Brake Components and How They Set Your Vehicle Apart

The brake system of your vehicle is the most significant aspect of the vehicle and keeping these parts under check is extremely important as one small problematic part can lead to serious issues. High performing brake components can not only increase the life of the vehicle but can also increase its quality and consistency. It is therefore imperative that one knows the performance brake components for the effective functioning of their vehicles. We shall thus take a glance at these components, which can set your vehicle apart.

  • Brake rotors

Brake rotors are the spinning discs that rotate with the wheel. The brake rotors are used as a source to reject the energy into turning Kinetic energy to heat. For instance, the thickness of the plates on vented rotors helps to transfer the heat into the surrounding environment. The size of the brake rotors determines their ability to generate torque. Using slots, holes, and finishes on the hat and vents is the most striking trend in rotors as it helps improve the cosmetics of the brake system. 

  • Calipers

Transmission of the hydraulic force evenly to the pads is imperative for any brake pad to show efficiency on the road. Performance fixed calipers with four to eight pistons can improve the braking performance, setting your vehicle apart from the crowd, by increasing the effective area of the brake pads. Further, not only can new calipers improve the cosmetics of the braking system, but premium brake calipers that come with fine finishes and coatings can look great behind the wheels too.

  • Friction materials

A performance pad with organic or ceramic formulation might be the best choice for people. These friction materials make use of adhesive friction, in which the pad seasons, transferring a layer of the material to the rotor. The layer can not only reduce rotor wear but can also minimize the brake dust. So it is the right amount of ingredients in the friction material plus its formulation methodology that strongly affects the braking efficiency and wear resistance of the brakes. This not just strengthens your grip over your vehicle but also make it safe to drive.

Understanding the process and working of the whole brake system as well as its engineering is necessary to keep up with the performance of your vehicles. This is where CrossDrilledRotors.ca performance brake components can give an edge to your vehicle.