Friday, July 12

Important Upgrades to Get Your Vehicle Off-Road Ready

Off-roading is a thrilling activity and for UAE residents, there are plenty of options and amazing spots that you can hit over the weekend. It’s important however that the vehicle can handle all the stress, rough muddy terrains, uneven roads, sand dunes, and severe road conditions. With the right gear, off-roaders can have an amazing experience without worrying about unforeseen mishaps. Here are some affordable upgrades that can help make the next off-road excursion a memorable one. 

Buying All Terrain Tyres

To prepare an off-road rig, the first step is to invest in durable all-terrain tyres that will effectively enhance your overall experience. Offering more grip on loose surface, the construction of these tyres allow additional benefits like puncture resistance. Yokohama has complete range of all-terrain, off-road tyres that are ideal for different weather conditions. The Geolandar tires series by the brand is built for superior performance, promising stronger, quieter, and a confident ride. Yokohama tyres price in UAE offers the best value for your money and it is a preferred choice by most drivers. You can further expand you search of all-terrain tyres and look at other brands as well like BFGoodrich, Cooper, and Nitto tyres.

Using a Lift Kit

Once you’ve invested in good tyres, it’s best to get a good ground clearance by getting a lift kit. There’s an option between suspension lift kit and body lift kit – choose a one that best suits your requirements. Lift kit can improve the overall performance of your vehicle and even make it look good. Give your new tires a solid foundation so that you can invest in bigger and sturdier ones, thus enhancing your Off-road vehicle experience.

Getting Skid Plate

Skid plate is placed under the vehicle to protect its important components. Vital for off-roading, these plates prevent serious damages to your vehicle. Protecting fuel tank, transfer box, and other components, skid plates also improve aerodynamics that can increase the vehicle’s fuel mileage. 

Before heading out on off-road adventure, it’s best to stock up on other gear like hi-lift jack, recovery ropes, and flash lights. Other important things to consider are checking the tyres air pressure, giving wheel alignment a tune-up, and even giving the engine an overhaul. Online platforms like Dubai Tyre Shop offer all these services at affordable rates and you can even make your new tyres purchase from the site. A trusted tyre shop Dubai, it offers a complete range of different brands that come with authentic warranty. So, next time you head out on thrilling escapades, do so with more confidence.