Tuesday, May 21

Reasons Why Used Cars are More in Demand in This Era

Cars have always been at the top of the list of things to buy if you enjoy living a comfortable, luxurious life. Investing in cars makes daily life as well as vacationing with your loved ones much easier, and it is a comfortable one that shouldn’t have to deny themselves at any cost. Today, India’s industry of used cars is comparatively much more in demand than brand new cars. Considering the multiple benefits used cars offer, they undoubtedly have the edge over new cars that is causing more and more people to opt for the smarter alternative. Here’s why used cars are more in demand in this era:

  • Affordable: It goes without saying that buying a car is an incredibly huge financial investment. If you’re only just becoming financially independent, it is practically impossible to buy a new car without loans that will take a while to pay off. On the other hand, used cars are an economical option that cost much less than new cars.
  • No Extra Charges: As far as saving money goes, used cars help you do that in more ways than one. Buying a car involves multiple one-time charges like RTO fees, road taxes, registration fees and such that the first owner must have paid off, ensuring you don’t have to worry about them.
  • Lower Insurance Premiums: Anything used is bound to have lower insurance costs, and the same applies to used cars. Since the overall cost of insurance for used cars is much less than brand new ones, you will have to pay smaller insurance premiums. Also, it is likely that the car already has an existing insurance policy, so this isn’t something you will have to think about for a while.
  • Slower Depreciation Rate: The depreciation rate of every car starts decreasing as soon as you buy it and continues to do so at a rapid pace for the initial years. It is most likely that when you buy used cars, you will be working with a much slower depreciation rate, meaning you’ll be able to get a great resale value when you set out to upgrade your car.
  • Variety: Due to the high demand for used cars, the industry is an ever-expanding one, with all variants available for you to choose from. You can take home your favourite car at a much lower cost, and owing to modern technology, the sturdy build quality of cars, you can be rest assured that you’ll be taking home a durable one.
  • First Time Driver Friendly: Driving new cars is a lot of pressure and responsibility, especially if you’re a new driver. The smallest scratches and dents cause a lot of stress, but you can experience 100% tension-free driving with used cars. It will give you the freedom to learn without having to worry about minor damages.

Keeping these benefits in mind, the affair of buying used cars becomes a fun and stress-free one. So make the smart choice and browse through all the used cars available on Spinny, a certified used car dealer offering a 5 days money back guarantee, a 200 point inspection for all its used cars and much more!