Friday, July 12

All You Need to Know About the Dead Car Battery Replacement              

What can be more frustrating than seeing your car irresponsive to your key start, especially when you are all in the readiness to go somewhere, just because the battery has gone dead? But, if you know what Let’s take a closer look at what can cause can cause such damage to your car battery, you will also learn in due course, how to fix the issue.

Starting from the symptoms of its malfunction, you will need to know at your earliest how to jump-start the dead car battery, to soar through a situation of being stranded in the middle of the road. Simultaneously, with one or more such experiences, you can also learn how to test a car battery at the first level and then how to replace it with a new one, assured the team of the mechanics who run Glendora battery service center.

Probable Causes of Car Battery Damage

According to the mechanical experts of the automotive industry, there are some common and probable reasons that cause the car battery to die or become damaged. From them we learned the following:

Usage Errors

The most common cause behind dead golf cart batteries portland or is an error in its usage. Leaving any of the car lights on, keeping any of your electronic devices on charging with the power source of the battery, or using too much accessory power drains out the car battery juice ending up killing the battery once for all.


A car battery dies its normal death, once it crosses a certain age. Usually, a car battery lives across three years or a bit more. So, if your car is three years of age, and carrying the same battery it came powered by, stay prepared to give it a grand farewell, and keep your money ready for its replacement, at any moment.

Corrosion on the Terminals

Finally, a dead car battery can happen due to the corrosion of its terminals. On the car batteries, if you find white deposits around the terminal spots, know it is a sure sign of battery corrosion that can affect the cables and reduce the flow of power supply to the vehicle. To prevent this corrosion from taking place, you can use baking soda to remove the deposit. However, if the corrosion continues to happen, all you can do is replace the battery, cables, or terminals.

Testing and Replacement of the Car Battery

To stay prepared about your car battery replacement, you need to keep a tab on the battery life. There are numerous ways your car battery will let you know of its age and life left. All you have to do is keep your eyes and ears open for the sights and sounds it makes. If you hear a lazy sound in the engine which is taking a long time to get started, or if the headlights of your car are flickering, it is a clear indication that your car battery life is reaching its end time. In such cases, you must be ready to replace it sooner or later, advised an experienced technician who conducts services of battery testing & replacement in Glendora.