Wednesday, June 19

Six things to remember when choosing a driving teacher

A driving instructor is an essential part of learning how to drive. Here are some suggestions to help you select the right person to teach you to drive.

It’s a common saying that “a student can only be as good as their instructor” and driving instructors are a major decision. You’re placing all your trust in this person (and hard-earned cash), so they must be good. Keep reading to discover how to find the best driving teacher for you.

How to find the best driving instructor

A quick Google search will reveal a wide range of local driving instructors. It is not a good idea for you to take the first name that comes up. Just like any other job, there are excellent instructors and bad ones. This list contains 6 things to remember when choosing a driving teacher.

  1. Is your driving instructor qualified?

An approved driving instructor is essential to ensure that you get top-quality instruction. This means your instructor has all the relevant knowledge and experience to help pass your test, and to make you a safe driver.  Look at the license window to see if the instructor is certified. 

  1. Is their reputation good?

Word of mouth is better than any amount of Google searches. Just ask your friends. It takes time to build a reputation. Many people have spoken highly of an instructor. These instructors may have taught or helped many others to pass their exams before you.

Do you know anyone learning to drive? Or who recently passed their driving tests? You might ask your friends if they would recommend a driving instructor. Also, if you’re one of the first people to learn how to drive, consider reading public reviews on sites. There will be many top-notch reviews for the best driving instructors. The driving instructor in Canberra will be the best and affordable choice for you.

  1. They are located where?

A larger town or city will likely offer more options when it comes to choosing a driving instructor. Your options may be less if your area is more rural. If you’re unable to find someone you love, don’t hesitate to search for instructors in another town. They may be better suited to your learning style and personality.

  1. What is the best driving instructor car?

Do you prefer to sit the test for an automatic license or a manual license? You must select an instructor with the correct transmission if, like many drivers, you plan to drive a manual car once you pass your test.

Do you already know the car that you’ll be driving when you pass your test if so, you might consider finding an instructor with the same car? This will help you get familiar with your vehicle before you go on the road. Popular first cars are often used by instructors.

  1. The cost of driving lessons

There is no other option. Learning to drive can be expensive. Driving lessons are expensive. Prices vary depending on where they are held and the instructor. However, you can expect to pay approximately PS24 an hr*. You are concerned about how much it will cost to learn to drive. We have some tips and tricks to help you learn how to drive within a budget.

Look around for specials and discounts. You will often find that it is cheaper to purchase a block of lessons rather than each lesson, but you must have had at minimum one lesson with your instructor first before you commit.

Don’t forget, however, that going with a cheap instructor won’t necessarily translate into savings. Poor driving instructors could end up costing more in the long term if you have to take additional lessons or have your test repeated. It’s worth spending the money to hire a professional, qualified driving instructor.

  1. Do you get along?

You don’t have to be the best friend of your driving instructor, we get that. While we don’t expect you to be singing along or stopping for ice cream during your driving lessons, however, this person will likely spend at least an hour per week in your car. It’s essential to get along and feel comfortable together.

Learning to drive can be difficult. Your instructor must communicate well, be supportive, and have a good knowledge of the subject. A good idea is to have an introductory lesson with your instructor before you commit to lessons for a whole block. This allows you to get to understand the instructor’s teaching style and car.