Tuesday, May 21

Situations That Every Wheelchair User Has Gone Through

On the streets, on public transport, or even at home, there are some inconveniences that every wheelchair user must have already gone through. Wheelchair van service repair have listed them.

End The Battery

In motorized chairs, running out of battery can be a problem, mainly because the wheelchair user has no alternative but to call for help. To prevent a situation like this, it is necessary to watch the battery charge time. If the battery, after fully discharging, charges in less than 4 hours, it may already be at an insufficient capacity.

In other words, the battery is like a water tank. It takes time to fill (load) and time to empty (unload). The battery’s Ah capacity is the size of the water tank in this analogy. As time goes by, the battery loses capacity (As if they put sand in the water tank).

Adapted Toilets Divided By Gender.

The bathroom for wheelchair users in an establishment must be outside the gender-divided wings. When this is not the case, it is impertinent, not only for the wheelchair user but for a possible companion. For example, when a woman in a wheelchair who needs help to go to the bathroom finds that her area is inside the ladies’ room, her companion is a man.

Certain places do not allow the companion to enter the bathroom of the opposite sex; even in these circumstances, when it is permitted, it can be highly embarrassing for the companion to enter that environment.

Without a companion, it may be impossible for the wheelchair user to use the bathroom. Therefore, even if the adapted bathroom is complete, the wheelchair user cannot use them. Everyone in a wheelchair is already aware of the difficulty of finding adapted restrooms, so they already take some steps to avoid getting into trouble.

But if you find yourself in this situation, be sure to protest and explain why separation is a problem.

Dirty Hands

For manual chair users, getting their hands dirty can be as natural as breathing. When handling the propulsion rings, the hands end up having contact with the wheels, which can end up muddy depending on where the wheelchair user is walking.

The problem can be much more prominent depending on the terrain, dirtying the wheels with mud, garbage, or worse, animal feces. Unfortunately, these are everyday problems, and the best tip we can give to deal with this is to carry wet wipes or a towel, and of course, take situations like this in a good mood.

Finally, it is noteworthy that, unfortunately, many problems still do not have easy solutions. Accessibility issues and prejudices shock us as they are still present in a world that should be increasingly civilized.

Facing these situations in life with positivity can be very difficult, but sometimes it is the only solution. The hope for a better future must never die because, like it or not, our society is evolving to be even more inclusive.