Tuesday, April 16

Some Lesser Discussed Facts on Car Repair Service

The industry of automobiles does not include only manufacturing and selling of their products. A large section of this industry is engaged in repairing and servicing of the sold products, extending a hand of help to their customers in maintaining their vehicles with ease and comfort. These are facts that are known to the entire world, but there are some lesser discussed facts on the car repair services, that we wish to present here for the benefit of all.

At the Lindenwold auto repair center, we gathered some facts on the car repair services that we felt as worth sharing.

Dealerships Who Sell Cars Also Offer Repair Services

We all know that every car brand sell their products through their dedicated dealerships. But do you know that the same dealerships also run car repair service centers all across the globe parallelly? They do so to support the customers with their car maintenance and also help them when they are stuck with their vehicle at the middle of the road, after a crash or a fateful accident.

Repair Services are Also Offered by Private Garages

Much like the selling of the cars, even the repair services are done at private garages that are not directly related to the brands or are authorized by them. But in the private garages you can find specialized services as well, but for a bunch of brands, and not on a specific one.

The other major difference that you see in private auto repair garages is that they are divided into two broad categories, and very rarely you find a garage offering all the services under the same roof. These categories are auto repair services, and auto body repair services. As the name suggest, the former category focus only on the mechanical parts of vehicles, while the latter offers services that are related only to the immovable parts of the car, that have nothing to do with the running or performance of the car.

But at the dealership authorized auto service centers, you get all the services under the same roof, and for that you need not have to run about anything.

Part Replacement

When a car part gets damaged or needs a servicing, it is a known fact, that it will need parts that are compatible with all the other mechanisms that it is related to. But in the automotive industry these car parts are manufactured at two levels. One is in which the parts are manufactured discreetly by the respective manufacturers of the car models, and the other is where the car parts are manufactured by private companies, that have general specifications, and are made rougly compatible for a series of brands. These are called aftermarket parts, while the former category is named as the OEM parts.

Usually, at the private garages that are not authorized by any brand dealership, the parts that are used as replacements, are the aftermarket ones, unless you specifically request for OEM parts. But at the dealership authorized auto repair centers, the parts they use for replacements will be either OEM or factory approved to ensure that they run as long the original part was meant to last, ensured the mechanics of the Lindenwold car repair service center.