Tuesday, May 21

What is New in the 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 Truck Series?

The year 2022 is in the corner and that is why you can see a buzzing activity in the auto making brands, where they are busy brushing up their existing product lineups, and launching new models, as well. Take the example of the GMC Sierra truck series which is receiving a boost of some innovative technologies under its hoods, while its higher trim models are all prepared to offer a greater standard of luxury while polishing up their performance capabilities.

Climbing upscale to the next level, the full-size truck series Sierra 1500 from GMC achieved a distinguishable identity for itself to stand against its closest competitors like the Ram 1500, Ford F-150, Nissan Titan, Chevy Silverado, and Toyota Tundra, shared the sales department of the Rexburg GMC dealership.

What is New to Be Found in the 2022 Model Year Edition?

GMC has updated its Sierra 1500 truck model series inside and out, as well as under its hood, adding few more figures to the torque gained from the smallest engine. Even on the technology side, it has updated the infotainment system with a more sophisticated interface. The year 2022 also introduced two new trims at the top of the lineup that contain premium luxury accents.

So, the 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 model year lineup of full size pickup truck series can be seen to be sold in Pro, SLE, Elevation, ATX, Denali, and the new ATX4 and Denali Ultimate trims. Here we must take a step ahead explaining what exactly got added for the year 2022 in the GMC Sierra 1500 pickup truck series.

Standard Changes

The entire lineup across the 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 truck series continues to offer rear wheel drive as standard and four-wheel drive as optional on all trims.

For the body styles, GMC includes regular, extended cab, as well as crew cabs to all the trim levels, while one can choose between short, standard, as well as long bed sizes.

Changes to the Trim Levels

As shown to us by the Rexburg GMC dealer, the ATX4 trim of the 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 series has received an improvement in its off-road capability while its interior cabin adds in more luxury cues. GMC upgraded its ATX4 trim with a pair of advanced spool-valve dampers. Heightened its off road driving capabilities through newly installed front and rear electronic locking differentials. The contribution of the bull-strong springs must not be forgotten that make the suspension travel more. To enhance the ease of driving through difficult patches, GMC enables a Terrain mode for that allows the driver to go one-pedal driving especially when the truck needs to crawl up the rocks. Inside of every ATX4 trim, things get better with leather upholstered seats that look elegant and gorgeous with the milk white piping surrounding the red stitches, while the hard surfaces wear a dark wood trim. The cabin of the ATX4 trim looks even more posh with a synthetic suede headliner, while both the driver and the passengers can have their perfect posterior through the 16-way power massaging seats, while watching the content displayed through a 15.0-inch head-up touchscreen unit.