Tuesday, May 21

Which Oil Is Best For Your Engine?

What are the best oils for engine performance? That’s a question a lot of drivers, mechanics and car owners ask. There are many types of oils and each has their own particular purpose and use in various conditions. Engine oils are a vital component for any engine and every vehicle. Understanding how they work, and which oils provide the best lubrication will ensure you get the most out of your vehicle and save money on tune-ups and repairs.

First off, there are the conventional type of oils available today. Most motor oils are compounded with synthetic or conventional oils and include an adjustment to change the type of oil used. Some of the major types of motor oils include deep-v, normal and premium. The most common types of conventional oils are graphite, synthetic liquid and marine grade.

Synthetic oils, however, are becoming more popular and are being offered in several different types. Among these are deep-v, premium and marine grade. All of these provide different lubrication properties that should be considered when selecting an oil for your vehicle. Although many consumers are more accustomed to hearing about premium oils, these can also provide excellent lubrication properties and are recommended for high performance vehicles.

The last type of lubricant you will find is marine grade. This type of oil is best suited for use in heavy duty trucks and machinery. Typically, these types of oils do not need to be changed as often because they provide good service. Similar to the benefits of premium oils, you should replace them every three to four years. To determine the right type of lubricant for your needs, consult your owner’s manual to identify the proper oil amount to be used for the specific condition.

Regardless of the lubricant type you decide to use, it is important to note that proper care of your engine should always be taken. Never start an engine without having it properly checked and serviced first. Additionally, consult with your local engine repair shop to ensure that your vehicle’s engine oil is up to date. These two steps will ensure a longer lifespan for your engine and improve its performance. Once you have properly cared for your engine, you will notice an increase in its performance and will likely see lower maintenance costs in the long run.

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