Tuesday, May 21

How To Tackle Mis-Fuel?

Suppose you have put petrol in a diesel vehicle mistakenly, now no need to worry about anything because we have fuel fixer specialists just a call away. By calling, you can make yourself safe, and your vehicle will be fixed while you wait.

Effect Of Putting Diesel In Petrol And Petrol In A Diesel

Putting diesel in a petrol, or petrol in a diesel car is the most popular mistake made by a car holder. People do it now or then. Whether it’s diesel fuel in a petrol vehicle, putting petrol in a diesel vehicle, it can damage your car and hold you on track. It may stop your car or taxi from working. It would be best if you did not drive at the same time because it won’t work properly. Hopefully, you’ll realize your mistake before you start pumping fuel. Therefore, if you put diesel in a petrol vehicle, the fuel probably won’t start. This will quite be risky. Because diesel not only enhances the power of the vehicle but also lubricates the fuel pump.

What To Do If You Misfuel?

  • If you realize your mistake at the pump, don’t put the key in the ignition and not start the vehicle.
  • If it isn’t already, put the vehicle in neutral.
  • Immediately tell the petrol pump about the mistake.
  • If you find someone to help, you to drag your vehicle on the side road. 
  • You may also call your insurance company and tell them about the incident. 
  • You may also call out a misfuel specialist. They will come shortly and drain your fuel tank.

Mobile Units On Call For The Wrong Fuel Recovery

If you do this mistake call the local units, and they usually arrive in 46 min. You have to take the car to a safe place so that the fuel fixer will come and release the wrong fuel recovery. Our specialists aim to reach your place in 90 minutes after receiving your call. You will be safe from no garage, no bill payment and recovery at your place. The important advice is not to drive forcefully if the engine damages.

Our engineers are fuel experts, and they are always available to fix the problem in petrol in diesel car and vice versa.  Major roadside assistance companies often guide them. This is the rapid recovery programme to deal with the vehicle when it is off the road.